How i made my first book

September 19

 Brian and Grace at the summit 

Brian and Grace at the summit 

October 16, 


 Shruti and Grace at the summit

Shruti and Grace at the summit


October 19, edits of the book 


Patrick, Grace, Shruti and Andrew make an interview video for the book talking about entrepreneurship 


Mike & Grace on around the coin podcast 

January 10 2017, book Pre-order is ready, Grace shared the joy with Book Titan Tim Ferriss

February 1 2017, Grace announced The Last Key To Success @Stanford Business School Artificial Intelligence gathering along with 4 most talented founders and most prestigious professors! Joey and Grace for signing the book for the audience who asked questions. #stanford#artificialintelligence #AI #booklaunch 

March 1, Grace published the book creating experiences on Arianna Huffington (founder of Huffington Post)'s new company/ website Thrive global!

March 10, 2017, Grace has received a letter from Mr. Bernard Arnault and his team, Mr. Bernard is the president of LVMH. #LVMH owns Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy and almost every well known luxury fashion brands. Grace has been reading about his company since she was a kid in China. She was really honored that he will be checking out this book. Thank you Mr. Bernard! 

#luxury #PowerHouse #louisvuitton

March 20, 2017, Grace has received an email from Vogue Editor In Chief, Ms Anna Wintour, says that she will read the Last Key To Success! Grace is beyond overwhelmed and decide to keep doing things to empowering entrepreneurs!