5 Startups That Are Revolutionizing The Tech World

November 9, 2018 Off By Steven
5 Startups That Are Revolutionizing The Tech World

The world of tech is changing every day. We are now living in a time where robotics and artificial intelligence are poised to take the world by storm. There are a number of startups that are making enormous headway in these fields, and are revolutionizing the world in the process. This article talks about these startups and attempts to explain how they are impacting the world as a whole. Each of the five startups discussed below are headed by founders that are true leaders of their fields, and it is their vision that allows the startups to succeed to the extent that they currently have.


CleverTap is a startup that is focused on recording the various transactions that are occurring across the internet. The recording of these transactions, of which CleverTap records a whopping four billion every single day, creates data that is incredibly valuable to a lot of different companies. This is because of the fact that this data helps them better understand where consumers are spending their money, and with this information they can modify their own products and services to match what the consumer appears to want based on the data regarding what they are currently buying.

What the startup does is pretty easy to understand, and one can easily see why it would be so widely in demand in the world of business. However, what’s more interesting is the way that they have managed to accomplish their goals. Instead of separating each bit of data individually which would be an incredibly time consuming and inefficient process, their platform takes in all of the data and uses artificial intelligence to get the job done instead. The AI learns which data is more important and thus more preferable to people that are trying to use the platform to get the information they need to allow their company to succeed.

The AI doesn’t just ingest data, it actually analyzes it as well and uses it to figure out what tactics may be working and which ones will need to be tweaked a little in order to render them as effective as possible. The basic goal of the company is to try and understand the needs of each individual consumer with respect to the technology that they are using. The tech industry is booming, and it’s becoming increasingly important to understand the people buying tech every day.

Collaborative Intelligence

This startup is all about robotics and how this technology can be applied in the field of cybersecurity and how artificial intelligence can amplify the potential benefits that you might gain from robotics technology. One of the main focuses of this start up is in the area of unmanned ground vehicles. These are basically cars that are driven by an artificial intelligence rather than human drivers. There are a lot of applications for tech like this, with many current industry giants such as Uber already conducted a fair amount of research that would allow them to provide unmanned cars to the public.

However, Collaborative Intelligence has a less consumer focused approach. Their goal is to see the potential that their products can have in the fields of homeland and public security as well as how they can fare in the world of oil and gas. All of these are very lucrative fields. After all, defense contracts can pay a lot of money, and oil and gas extraction are labor intensive and often dangerous jobs which sometimes makes it difficult to extract these essential resources from their underground sources.

On a more lighthearted note, Collaborative Intelligence is also figuring out the applications for robotics and artificial intelligence in the field of gaming. They are essentially trying to see how simulations and other virtual realities can be used to accentuate the realism of the games that we are playing. Robotics technology can also be used in this field to a great extent, especially in altered reality games. This is another highly lucrative field that could end up getting revolutionized if Collaborative Intelligence ends up figuring out how they would be able to execute their grand designs.

Cerebrum Edge

Artificial intelligence is often used as a kind of blanket term, but the fact of the matter is that there are so many different applications for this that soon the disparate elements of AI are going to be referred to as fields in their own right. One of the applications of AI is facial recognition, and there are a great many uses for this. Cerebrum Edge is a startup dedicated to using facial recognition technology in order to obtain demographic information.

They essentially record facial elements along with analyzing a variety of different human poses. One of their favorite sources from which they tend to obtain their data are sports videos which offer a wide gamut of different expressions and poses that they would then be able to interpret.

However, a startup is more than just a center for ideas. The whole purpose of a startup is to figure out how a certain idea can be monetized and turned into something that would secure a long term revenue stream, with the long term goal pretty much always being that the company maximizes profit. Hence, Cerebrum Edge has thought of a number of solutions that their facial recognition technology would be able to provide.

One of the solutions is that their artificial intelligence can be used to detect people’s faces in an attempt to verify their identity before allowing them to enter areas that are meant to be off limits to certain personnel. This is a lot more efficient than the current biometric scanners which are not quite as secure as facial scanners can be either. This type of technology is also obviously far superior to the current practice of swiping an identity card of some sort in order to gain access to a restricted area.


Whenever you hear of blockchain, you generally tend to think of things like bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency. This is one thing that has exploded in the past decade, and it is interesting because it combines elements of finance and technology in a way that is poised to revolutionize the world, and is indeed doing so every single day. However, blockchain is more than just a ledger where bitcoin transactions can be recorded in a way that is simultaneously untraceable as well as easy to track in case there is a problem with the transaction that has occurred. It is a way to record pretty much anything that you want to keep secure.

TalentChain is a startup that is based on blockchain, but it focuses on allowing you to store certificates on the block chain. This can allow you to have it on hand in case you ever need it. There are countless ways in which this can be useful, although it is fair to say that companies tend to have more use for things like this than individuals do. This is why this technology has become so wildly popular with human resource departments that are trying to store information about the various talent that they have acquired as well as the various talent that they are thinking of acquiring at some point in the future.

Recruiters also find this technology useful. It does make their job easier because blockchain is a very useful way to store talent certificates. Apart from big companies and recruiters, large educational institutions have also had a fair amount of success with this type of use for blockchain. It just goes to show that a single invention can end up having a myriad uses, all of which are just as important as the others.


We have all heard of ride sharing, but have you ever heard of bike sharing? Bounce is in a lot of ways a scooter sharing app, but it is a bit different from Uber, Lyft and all the other ride sharing apps that have been taking the world by storm for such a long period of time. Instead of providing drivers that will take you where you need to go, bounce will connect you to a scooter that is available nearby.

You can drive this bike to wherever you need to go and drop it off there. Whoever is nearby will be able to come and take the bike from wherever you dropped it. You pay for the amount of time you have used the scooter as well as the distance you have travelled, much as is the case with Uber and Lyft.

Priced at 5 INR per kilometer, this is one of the cheapest ways you can possibly get around. It is also very convenient for traversing the vast metropolises that we are currently living in, especially when there is an enormous amount of traffic during peak rush hour times. One reason why this service is so affordable is probably the fact that there are no drivers that need to get paid. This means that the only cost is that of the bikes themselves which is more than covered by the five rupees per kilometer fare.

According to Bounce, their tech is scalable because of the fact that the fare that they are charging is already quite sustainable. If Bounce manages to last a while, it could completely change the face of urban transportation and provide mobility to groups of people that would have otherwise been unable to access certain parts of the cities that they are living in.